Today's Blue Screen of Death - Page Fault in Nonpaged Area

If you're reading this around the middle of August 2014, you've rebooted your Windows 7 PC after a recent windows update, and you're seeing a Blue Screen of Death complaining about a "Page Fault in Nonpaged area". Short Version of the fix:

del c:\Windows\System32\FNTCACHE.DAT

But if your PC can't boot, then how do you get to your file system to delete the file?

Maybe you've got the Windows install DVD handy. You can boot from this, and run a recovery console. But watch out if you've got a few copies of Windows 7, as you seem to need exactly the same version of the disc even if you just want to boot to the recovery console.

Or maybe you've locally installed the Windows Recovery Console, in which case you have command line access to your hard disk. But this one isn't so easy to explain to your Mum/Grandfather/Aunt/Other Non-techie Family member.

Here's another option:

Burn a Linux Mint boot disk (or make a MintStick), boot from it, use the nice point and click interface to navigate your file system, and delete the file. Much less hassle all round.