Roland VT-3 Voice Transformer - Review and Demo

A video review and demo of the Roland VT-3 Voice Transformer (as a tool for voice over work, prototyping characters and fast, real time effects.)

If you're doing sound and audio design for Games, get one of these. Things you can do:

1.Build a casting list for a project using one actor in a single session.
2.Model audio treatments in real time. Find a sound you like, then use that as a template for creating the audio space in your game.
3.On a budget? One voice actor can do many more roles in a single studio session.

Potentially this is also useful for doing Audiobook narration, as you can do some real-time processing of audio to build multiple characters and scenes.

And of course, it's a vocoder and Auto Tuner, so you can live your dream of being a Cher impersonator.:smile:

Equipment in Use: