Price Hacking: How to buy Guitar Rig Pro cheaply

Quick post with an example of price hacking. What's price hacking? It's using promotional offers and bundled deals to reveal discounts in the price of goods and services, and it's very easy to do with software.

For this price hack, we're looking at a bit of software to make a computer act as a guitar amp - Guitar Rig Pro.

The full Guitar Rig Pro v5 software is sold at GBP169/USD249. But you can upgrade to the latest version from an older qualifying product, and then the price is only GBP89/USD135.

First thing, what are the qualifying products?

Upgrade for users of - Guitar Combos (also Behringer) - GUITAR RIG 3 LE - GUITAR RIG 3 XE - GUITAR RIG 4 LE - GUITAR RIG 4 Essential - GUITAR RIG Mobile (all) - GUITAR RIG Session (all).

If we were really looking for a saving, we might be able to get one of these secondhand, but here we'll see if we can we find brand new, in a bundle.

How about: Ion Rig | 5m Guitar to USB Adapter Converter Cable with Guitar Rig 4 LE Software - GBP20/USD30

If we buy this, use is it as qualifier for the Guitar Rig 5 Pro upgrade, we spend GBP 109/USD165 (and we get a guitar interface), as opposed to GBP169/USD249.

That's a saving of about GBP60/USD95. And the same holds true for most software. If you can see an upgrade price, look for a way to conduct a bit of arbitrage and find a qualifying product that will provide an overall cost saving.