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I’ve never really thought of myself as a proper coder, as I spend most of my time hand-waving, project managing, delegating and doing support tasks rather than actually writing stuff. However, of late, I’ve been filling in the gaps in my knowledge with subscriptions to, Net Tuts and many other resources.

Treehouse is still my favourite place to pick up new skills; the material is not always as technically in depth as that from other providers, but it’s well presented and organised into clear subject matter tracks.

At the end of a course/track you’ve got everything you need to get started on self-learning in a particular subject area. So, if you’re looking to brush up on your tech skills, check these guys out:

Definitely worth a look:



Excel Year Planner and Perpetual Calendar

Online calendars are all well and good, but sometimes you need something people can print off and stick to the wall next to their desk. So here’s an Excel-based Year Planner, which you can customise to your requirements:


Download Excel Year Planner


  1. Excel 2010 format (.xlsx)
  2. This will work with older version of Excel as long as you enable the Microsoft Excel Analysis Toolpack Add-In, which provides the WEEKDAY() function.
  3. Change the date in cel A42, and the calendar will redraw. Default is an Annual Calendar running Jan -> Dec
  4. I’ve switched to a Blue/Green colour scheme, from the red/orange scheme in the screenshot. I find it calming. Colours are customisable. There are some cells with hidden text (formatted ;;; if you’re an excel fan) that will not be printed out (even on mono printers, yay!). If you find any I missed, let me know.
  5. The Calendar description is editable (default: Year Planner)
  6. The print area is sized for European ISO 216 A-series but is still fine on Legal/Executive ratios [margins a little bit thin].
  7. Having pondered week numbers, I’ve structured the sheet so that they will always be ISO 8601 compliant. Yes, sometimes years do have 53 weeks; that’s ISO standards for you. The prefix for the Week numbers (default “WK”) is stored in cell A2.
  8. There’s space above the sheet for your branding or information.
  9. Feel free to put your own branding on the sheet, but please do not remove the Creative Commons licensing information (Cell BK1) and logo.

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