Elance is not for Homework

Here are some top tips for getting your undergraduate academic coursework done on Elance:

  1. Don't.
  2. Seriously... Don't.

Example A from a budding young lawyer in the UK:

hi iv posted this job that is due on the 15th of November this will also be paid when the job is done and sent for the date said please do not send sooner then required also will be checked for any amendments that may be needed this essay will require the highest grade if you cant get that grade please reject this offer once iv hired i will send all the info you need this should not take a exsperienced law individual long to complete should no english law thank you and good luck this is not a hard essay to do so please do not expect to get hundreds of dollars

A quick look at the attachment to the job reveals that the specific essay in question is  Tutor Marked Assessment (TMA) 01 for the Open University's course W102 An Introduction to Law, which costs a jaw dropping £2,632 ($4250) .


There's really no ambiguity on this; getting someone else to research and write an answer to your assigned coursework is Academic Misconduct. Best case scenario - you have to do it again. Worst case? You get thrown off the course, or out of the institution and lose your money and academic record. It's not worth it.

"But what if I rewrite it?", says the sophisticated academic outsourcer.  Well, no. That's still "borrowing statistics or assembled facts from another person or source"[1] and "paraphrasing the words from a text very closely" [2] as it might typically be described in the guidance given to undergraduates.

However, the actual act of misconduct only occurs when you submit the work under your own name. So you've still got time to rewrite it and do it proper-like.


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