James Barlow is a jack of all trades, and master of none. Well, maybe some. James doesn’t normally talk in the third person, but understands that it is the traditional grammatical style for biographical pages. You can spam him at

A mathematician by education (B.A. (Open) Desmond), James consults on project and programme management, and is an expert in Lean Six Sigma with the certificates to prove it (most of them written in crayon, admittedly). He occasionally styles himself a Data Scientist if he thinks there is money to be had, and knows three different ways to lock up a computer using R.

James provides Voice Overs and Narration for a variety of purposes on Voice123 and Voicebunny. He’s good at Wizards.

James is a serial entrepreneur, and has started many businesses, all of which have stopped. Some abruptly, involving the deployment of airbags. He regards all of these as learning opportunties, and in particular he has learned that having money is nice, and not having money is not as nice. He discourages other entrepreneurs from solo-founding their new ventures, and especially solo-founding their ventures with their own capital, as every business always benefits from at least one extra pair of eyes, and someone to say “Hold on, this is a f*cking stupid idea”.

On the Tech side, James was formerly a specialist in hardware and infrastructure, but these days he works more on the software and DevOps side of the fence. He has a talent for finding new ways to break things with Javascript. James is a core contributor to the Zurb Foundation framework. He contributed one line, and there was a bug in it, but it still counts.

James has previously been active in local politics, particularly in the Bristol-West parliamentary constituency, and has stood for election to Bristol City Council in Cotham and Redland wards as a Conservative, although since James spent all his money on magic beans, he maintains that he is not well qualified to lecture other people about fiscal responsibility. His long-suffering wife agrees. Currently his political activity is limited to occasionally glancing at the front page of the local paper and making tutting noises.

Formerly a member of the Royal Corp of Signals, including a brief tour of duty as a peacekeeper with the NATO Stabilisation Force (SFOR) in Bosnia-Herzegovina, James maintains an interest in the welfare and capability of British Forces, although personally he feels he’s done enough PT for one lifetime and is happy to sit on the sofa eating crisps. If the British Army finds itself in desperate need of an overweight telephone systems and HF radio specialist, James stands ready to return to the front line to the rear echelon, with the proviso that he be promoted to Major, as he is too old to be taking any lip from subaltern officers.