James Barlow is an independent consultant specialising in information technology, particularly the use and abuse of content management systems, and cloud-based applications. A mathematician by education (B.A. (Open) Desmond), he also knows a great deal about project and programme management, and is an expert in Lean Six Sigma with the certificates to prove it (most of them written in crayon, admittedly).

James doesn’t normally talk in the third person, but understands that it is the traditional grammatical style for biographical pages. You can spam him at

James can be found flannelling around at Cloudshout, lending his voice to a variety of purposes on Voice123 and Voicebunny, and doing ad-hoc consulting on Upwork. His professional skills include talking fast, using big words, looking serious and giving firm handshakes.

James has previously been active in local politics, particularly in the Bristol-West parliamentary constituency, and has stood for election to Bristol City Council in Cotham and Redland wards as a Conservative, on the basis that the local guys at least have the decency to look embarrassed when supporting the latest illiberal, pointlesss and expensive bit of nonsense dreamed up in Strasbourg, Brussels and Westminster. Currently his political activity is limited to occasionally glancing at the front page of the local paper and making tutting noises.

Formerly a member of the Royal Corp of Signals – including a brief tour of duty as a peacekeeper with the NATO Stabilisation Force (SFOR) in Bosnia-Herzegovina – James maintains an interest in the welfare and capability of British Forces, although personally he feels he’s done enough PT for one lifetime and is happy to sit on the sofa eating crisps. If the British Army finds itself in desperate need of an overweight telephone systems and HF radio specialist, James stands ready to return to the front line to the rear echelon, with the proviso that he be promoted to Major, as he is too old to be taking any lip from subaltern officers.