The Bristol Jam

The Bristol Jam - 16th September - The Small Jam]

Do you play all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order? If so, this is the meetup group for you. We meet in central Bristol to play whatever combination of instruments we can find, in whatever style we can mutually agree upon on the night, often in the same key.

I've been learning Electric Guitar for the last year or so. My wife says that I've spent too long playing with myself, and she also says that I should collaborate with other people to improve my musical skills.

So, come along and join me at this musical meetup - no talent too big or too small.

We need Guitarists (Electric and Acoustic), Saxophones, Trumpets, Drummers/Percussion, Brass, Strings, Pianists/Keyboards, Samplers, Mandolins, Irish Bouzouki, Balisets, Vocalists, Tibetan Throat Singers, Mrs Trellis from North Wales, Kazoos, Didgeridoos, Spoons, people who can clap and whistle and, yes, even Bass players.

We will play for our own amusement and personal development, and optionally record these sessions as a platinum-selling album and go on a world tour. Signup if that sounds fun, and we'll work out the details from there.